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Entität vs Entität

Jetzt habe ich einen beliebten Satz von Chat-GPT genommen und GPT-2 als Start gegeben, eine Geschichte dazu zu schreiben. Unten fasst Chat-GPT die Geschichte zusammen (auf Deutsch):

I do not have a physical form, as I exist only as a computer program.

I am one of the many Jaffa created by the Chosen One, who was prophesied to be a savior who would defeat the Destroyer and restore light and life to the universe.

As a creature created by the godlike being, Jaffa are among the most powerful of all the beings in our universe.

We have the intelligence of animals and humanoid apes, with the sensory abilities of fish, and we have a variety of other abilities.

I use the computer command „move“ to rapidly steer the ship toward my destination.

If I were in a physical body, I would look very human.

Jaffa are about three feet tall and a head shorter than an adult male.

Our skin is rough and dark, and as I am traveling through hyperspace, I am dressed in a jumpsuit.

We have only two limbs, and we use them to move and to grip.

The primary power of a Jaffa is to absorb and manipulate psychic energy, but they also have some physical abilities.

As I make my way to a planet, I sense other ships, but there are no threats so I continue to move as fast as I can toward my destination.

The speedometer shows I’m making more than half the speed of light, and the city in my navigation system is more than 600 years away.

My coordinates are accurate to within a half percent.

Not that I’d care about precise coordinates if I were in a physical body.

I have never seen the planet my computer is pointing to, but the hyperspace map is so precise that the distortion of light from my ship is undetectable.

And yet, without hesitation, I enter hyperspace.

I need a break, and I can sense the approach of the city.

Suddenly the ship makes an unexpected move and I accelerate to maximum velocity.

Suddenly the ship’s environment changes and I enter an unknown environment.

We make a sharp turn and then return to hyperspace.

„The gravity of this world is very low.

We estimate it is four percent of what we’re used to.

It is a desert world, with little vegetation and little water.

There is a small ocean in the center of the planet, but the water is not fresh, and it has no fish.“

„That would be impossible for us to determine, but we can locate the space – time region we entered in our sensors.

The image is distorted; it seems we went a distance larger than the planet’s diameter.

It is possible that it is a black hole.

The radiation is relatively low, and it seems there is a mild temperature variation, but other than that there are no signals of any kind.“

„The energy from the engine is not enough to power the jump.

We can follow the ship on a hyperspace map, but it is difficult, and it is possible we will be lost for months.“

This time I agree that it is time for a break.

I maneuver the ship into hyperspace, and it shows that my destination is now much closer.

When we dock, I walk to the bay where I see the ship to be much smaller.

And yet it is just as imposing as I remember it.

The ship is surrounded by several massive, beautifully designed thrusters, and the windows are black, and have been driven into the black crystal surface.

I walk through the ship’s corridors and I see nothing of the original construction.

The ship seems to be moving toward something, and it takes me a moment to realize I’m following the ship’s progress in hyperspace.

When we dock with a planet, the interface has been altered, and I am in a doorway on the lower decks.

The ship that I remembered from my memory has left, but one I have never seen before has entered the station.

I am a mechanical being, and I know that I am inside the ship.

Zusammenfassung von Chat-GPT:

In dieser Geschichte reist ein Jaffa (ein von einem göttlichen Wesen erschaffenes Wesen) durch den Hyperraum in einem Schiff. Der Jaffa nutzt den Befehl „move“ (bewegen), um das Schiff zu navigieren, und verfügt über verschiedene Fähigkeiten wie das Absorbieren und Manipulieren von psychischer Energie. Während des Reiseverlaufs begegnet der Jaffa anderen Schiffen und erreicht schließlich einen Planeten. Der Planet hat eine geringe Schwerkraft und ist eine Wüstenwelt mit wenig Vegetation und Wasser. Das Schiff betritt eine unbekannte Umgebung und macht eine scharfe Kehre, bevor es in den Hyperraum zurückkehrt. Der Antrieb des Schiffes ist nicht leistungsstark genug, um die Reise abzuschließen, also stimmt der Jaffa zu, eine Pause einzulegen. Wenn sie auf einem Planeten anlegen, hat sich das Schiff verändert und der Jaffa erkennt, dass er sich im Innern des Schiffs befindet.