Ich komm mit dem Updaten nicht mehr hinterher:

Just to clarify: This information does not concern #SailfishOS itself, but it is limited to Rostelecom considering a product name for its special clients in Russia that would utilise Sailfish OS Mobile RUS.

(@jollahq auf Twitter)

  • Außerdem habe ich jemanden gefunden, der 5 Monate ohne Google lebt(e). Der Text macht meinem Vorhaben Mut:

The experiment helped me realise how deep the company from Mountain View, California has woven itself into the fabric of our life and how difficult it is to stop using its services. At the same time, it also made me appreciate how competent the often ignored alternatives are. Life without Google seems extremely scary and daunting. However – a few exceptions aside – it is indeed possible.

(I Stopped Using Google Apps and Services for 5 Months. Here’s Everything I Learnt)



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